Role playing is a vital part of SL. Many students who normally are reserved will “open up” due to the element of anonymity which SL affords.  This makes for much more constructive training sessions due to uninhibited participation.  In order to get the most out of roll playing opportunities, students will need to master camera controls and volume
settings in SL. Roll playing can take on many forms. Students can be seated around a table although more elaborate staging locations can be arranged in advance.


Inspiration for such staging areas can easily be gotten by traveling and visiting distant shores in SL. One of the main advantages of a roll play in SL is that students from all over the real world can participate as equals in the lesson.  This means of course, that your institution is capable of enrolling a much broader spectrum of students. It is important to make your students aware of the possibility of cultural differences so as to avoid alienating or even  offending participants.