There are many places that are worth a visit in SL, and taking your students on an excursion in SL can provide an enjoyable alternative to classroom situations. Such travels requires the ability to teleport and/or send teleports to your students. Teleports function
much in the same fashion as links, which you can click on, thereby enabling you to move from one location to another in SL. These locations can easily be integrated into a “class field trip”, and add value to among others, art and science classes.   This is the case on some historical and cultural sites, such as Virtual Harlem (shown  below).

Virtual Harlem in SL

 Some areas even have a “dress code”, requesting that visitors change to more appropriate attire so as to create a more genuine experience. The proper apparel generates  a much more realistic experience for all, and adds an extra dimension to educational excursions.
During such a group outing, it may be advisable to speak in group chat,  so as not to disturb other visitors in the vicinity. In some areas information can be obtained by clicking on objects. The information may appear  in the form of chat text,  as notecards,  or as audio recordings.

Virtual Harlem