This blog is just one component of a Master’s degree project in ICT and Learning  at Aalborg University in cooperation with Aarhus University, Copenhagen Business School, DPU (School of Education – University of Aarhus) and Roskilde University Center, Denmark. MIL

The title of the project is 3D Remediation and Virtual Educational Practice. This project is the work of collaboration between Biochemist, Teaching Associate Professor, Søren Læssøe Mathiesen (Severin Nordenskiold) and Sinologist Inge Knudsen (Inge Qunhua). Superviser Marianne Riis (Mariis Mills) Milmariis

Through our studies we have been introduced to intercultural  Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (iCSCL). This has been our motivation  for choosing the address for our blog. iCSCL is based on the theory  that knowledge is a social construction, and that  learning is facilitated by collaboration.