In Second Life you can design a leisure room or area. Here illustrated as the area around a campfire.  The campfire is a place away from the classroom where both students and teachers can get together in a more informal setting. Everything in SL is user generated. Consequently, there are endless possibilities as to what an area like this could include. The conversation around a campfire can be in textchat or in voicechat. The chat can be closed so that the conversation can be private, open to the group or open so that anyone in the vicinity can hear or read what is being said.  The area around the campfire can be closed off so that only the teachers and the students can enter. It can also be left open so that anyone can visit. This is an area where people can get to know each other and where knowledge can be shared.  Because of the informal nature of the “location”, students and teachers may tend to be more at ease.

Danish Visions

Visitors may associate their own past experiences in similar settings to the SL setting, automatically achieving the more relaxed, informal mind-set.  We believe that the social relations that an area like this affords are important for the educational context overall.

NASA CoLab’s Second Life Mission.